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Seeking to be More Like Jesus

Boots On The Ground

Jesus ministered on the streets and in public places.  So Resurrection does too.

Resurrection has partnered with Elders Javon & Linda Thomas who lead 'Boots On The Ground' in order to make disciples of those whom no one else has reached.  Boots On The Ground has led Resurrection into ministry at Brook Ridge Apartments, the Scottsdale trailer park, and many other places.

Christians Against Poverty (CAP)

Jesus cared about those living in poverty.  So Resurrection does too.

CAP is an international ministry, begun in England, that works through local churches to befriend people struggling with their finances:

  • CAP Debt Center renegotiates debts

  • CAP Money Course teaches budgeting skills

  • CAP Jobs Club coaches job applicants

CAP just arrived in the USA in 2019, and so it may take most of 2020 to get the ministry off the ground here in Emporia . . . watch this space!

free marriage ministry.jpg
Free Marriage Ministry

Jesus promoted marriage that joined one man and one woman in a life-long covenant.  So Resurrection does too.

Nothing should stand in the way of you having a good marriage.  So here's what we can offer:

1.  We've partnered with Longview Retreat's pre-marital counseling ministry to provide free, extensive wisdom before you actually tie the knot.

2.  For those who follow through on Longview's recommendations, Resurrection can help you plan a free, simple wedding.

3.  Resurrection can provide free counseling for those already married.

Healing Ministry

Jesus's released compassionate power to bring physical healing to people's bodies.  So Resurrection does too.

From the enemy of cancer to a sore foot, no affliction is too big and no ailment is too small that it doesn't deserve to come under the authority of Jesus the Healer.

We haven't seen enough immediate breakthroughs yet, but we are continuing to charge ahead in compassionate ministry to the whole person.

In 2019, eight of us participated the 'Power & Love' intense 3-day workshop in Virginia Beach.  We're also exploring a ministry called Healing On The Streets to further this ministry.

Immanuel Approach

Jesus brought healing to the deepest hurts in people's hearts and minds.  So Resurrection does too.

If you're tired of carrying around 'baggage' and triggers and trauma from the past, or if you’re yearning for a deeper connection with Jesus Christ than you’ve ever had before, then our Immanuel Approach ministry is for you.

The Immanuel Approach was developed by psychiatrist Karl Lehman, M.D., based on his 40,000+ hours of clinical work with people from different parts of the world who have suffered from virtually every problem under the sun.  There’s no problem too small or too large that Immanuel can’t handle.

Bible Studies & Prayer Meetings

Jesus studied the Bible and prayed.  So Resurrection does too.

Here are three community Bible studies and prayer meetings Resurrection helps host:

  • Women's Community Bible Study
    on Zoom
    — reach out to us for more info

  • 1st Wednesdays Women's Prayer & Bible Study led by Elder Linda Thomas
    @ Resurrection
    — 1st Wednesdays of each month 1pm

  • Men's Community Bible Study on Zoom
    — reach out to us for more info

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