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Everyone is an asset!

Team ministry is part of God's kingdom culture — that means everyone gets to play!  There's no backbench.


God wants everyone to enjoy making a lasting contribution on the field of this side of eternity.


And those of us who are tempted to feel as though we are the weakest members of the team are often the ones God empowers for the biggest impact.  What will you bring to the team?

Here are a few of Resurrection's teammates . . .

2017-06-07 Harry K Zeiders headshot-fb2.
Rev. Harry Zeiders

enjoys pastoring

and coaching heroes

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Thomases (2017)_edited.jpg
Elders Javon &
Linda Thomas

enjoy being
Boots On The Ground

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Rev. Dale &
Frances Smith

enjoy instructing ESL

Marissa Leathers

enjoys evangelizing

and cooking

Betsy Sharrett

enjoys teaching children

Allan Sharrett

enjoys teaching adults

Bob O'Hara

enjoys restoring rights

and keeping the books

Nancy Zeiders

enjoys playing piano & flute

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